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Why “Weighty Thoughts”?

The symbol theta (the original name of the website) is often used for learned weights—which is what machine learning models actually learn in order to make them work. They’re usually just a matrix (and usually just a single column) of floating point numbers, but it sometimes costs millions of dollars to get there and is what makes the “magic” of AI happen.

This Substack isn’t just about AI, but given my own background, having this cool domain name (hey, I think it’s cool), and the reference to what the symbol means came together into the name.

About James Wang

James is a General Partner at Creative Ventures, an early stage VC focusing on healthcare, agriculture, and industrial technologies and a Co-Founder and CTO of Lioness Health. Previously, he was on the core investment team at Bridgewater Associates, founded a non-profit consulting firm specializing in microfinance, and did a stint at Google X's Makani project. He's also been a software reviewer for Manning Publications.

James holds an MBA from UC Berkeley where he was a Jack Larson Fellow in Entrepreneurship, an MS in Computer Science at Georgia Tech, and a BA with Honors from Dartmouth. He also holds a Data Science Specialization from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and completed the course track for a PhD Designated Emphasis in Computational Sciences and Engineering at UC Berkeley.

James has been a speaker at the Berkeley Haas School of Business Founder Workshop, Horasis US-China Conference, and CES Last Gadget Standing. He’s done a number of podcasts and interviews, which you can find in the Podcasts/Interviews section here: https://jameswang.ai/

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Commentary on Deep Tech, AI, and Startups


James Wang

General Partner at Creative Ventures. Ex-Bridgewater and Google X. Co-Founder Lioness.